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North Texans Recount Terrifying Mass Shooting At Vegas Festival

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Walking off flights at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, travelers from Las Vegas looked visibly shaken Monday night.

"The entire plane was. Everyone coming out of there is having a bad day," said Tony Pipirio, from Laguna Beach, California.

His hotel room had a view of the concert stage where the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history happened. This morning, he saw the aftermath.

"Looked like there were sheets. I couldn't verify that, but it looked like there could still be some bodies there," Pipirio said.

Several North Texans who spoke to CBS11 still seemed unsure how they survived the massacre.

"We were running away from the sounds of where the bullets were coming from. It just felt to me like something was chasing us, and it felt like there was going to be a bullet in our back any minute," said Terri Guerra, of Fort Worth.

Concertgoers grabbed anything they could and took cover.

"At one point, I grabbed a metal road sign and tried to cover my sister with it, not knowing if it would do anything but it was better than nothing," said Joe Illiano, of Frisco.

Todd Blyleven made it out of the arena littered with bodies, then turned back around.

"I told my wife, 'you're going to be fine.' Told my brother in law, 'take care of my wife and I got to go,' " he said.

With bullets still whizzing by, Blyleven said he started helping injured victims.

"First lady I saw was elderly woman who got shot in the leg... went and grabbed her. One after another, we were taking people out."

Blyleven said he was joined by others wanting to help, some of them firefighters and nurses who were attending the concert.

"We were literally taking bodies and putting them in wheelbarrows," he said. "I had to carry a young girl out. She was probably about 18 and lifeless. It was hard."

Some of the wounded, he said, refused help.

"They realized the severity of the other people who got shot and killed and so some people were like, 'I've just got a flesh wound. I've just got a flesh wound. I just got shot in the shoulder, I'm good. I'm good.' "

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