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North Texans Step Up On 'Giving Tuesday'

NORTH TEXAS (CBS11) - After coming off one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, people are taking part in "Giving Tuesday." It's a day to celebrate the spirit of generosity and kindness.

On Tuesday, hundreds of volunteers at Texas Instruments shared that compassion, while a little girl in Grapevine received a special act of kindness.

They're helping make a difference in the community. Volunteers loaded bags stuffed with hot meals into a procession of waiting cars.

A thousand meals to nourish homebound and hungry seniors.

Texas Instruments volunteers on Giving Tuesday
Texas Instruments volunteers on Giving Tuesday (Yona Gavino - CBS11)

"We really go there to help, but we end up getting a lot back. It's just so special," said Tea Williams with Texas Instruments.

Williams and her group knocked on doors, lifting spirits and spreading cheer to people like Charlene Martin.

"They just really come and cheer me up. I'm all alone. My husband died of cancer last year," said Martin.

"They might not say much, but you just feel the love and appreciation in their eyes. They're trying to tell you "thank you," but you're really walking away overwhelmed with gratitude to have the opportunity to be part of it," said Williams.

200 local nonprofit groups enlisted volunteers to make giving Tuesday a success.

A Grapevine girl - fighting for her life - was also given a special gift by a loving community and a police department this "Giving Tuesday."

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Four-year-old Lilly is facing a rare form of childhood cancer. She lives in a house that just got a whole lot cleaner - free of charge.

"This is maybe a small piece of mind for a mom to have something like this done to make her home healthier," said Lilly's mother Leighann Armbruster.

Lilly's mother is cherishing every day she has with her daughter. Lilly has been sedated over a hundred times for biopsies, surgeries and radiation. Her doctors say the house has to be very clean.

When Dalworth Cleaning heard about Lilly, they came to her home, dressed in hazmat suits and got to work, using the same technology to clean medical facilities.

In Haltom City, there was another special moment. 20 first responders shaved their heads in a moment of solidarity and encouragement.

"There have been tears shed preparing for this... on the family's side and this side. You couldn't imagine what the family has to go through to do this. Anything to help them through this process, we'll do," said Haltom City Police Chief Cody Phillips.

Lilly's mother says her daughter will be going into hospice soon, but the support, prayers and acts of kindness are giving the family strength.

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