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Nina Pham: Still Experiencing Side Effects From Ebola Treatment

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Dallas nurse Nina Pham, the first person to ever contract Ebola in the United States, plans to sue her employer.

Pham claims the hospital wasn't prepared to handle the country's first case. The lawsuit will be filed Monday morning.

Pham was the primary nurse for Eric Duncan. Shortly after Duncan died from Ebola in October 2014, Pham tested positive for the virus.

According to her attorney, Pham's lawsuit claims Dallas Presbyterians' parent company, Texas Health Resources, never provided any type of training on dealing with an Ebola patient.

Also Pham claims it wasn't until her third day of treating Duncan that she was provided a HAZMAT suit.

"Before Nina was told she was about to get Mr. Duncan as a patient," explained Charla Aldous, Pham's attorney.

"They had not trained her in one way what so ever for treating a patient with Ebola. Not what equipment to wear, not how to put on the equipment, how to take off the equipment. I mean absolutely nothing and that's just inexcusable, " .

The spokesperson for Texas Health Resources gave us the following statement:

"Nina Pham bravely served Texas Health Dallas during a most difficult time. We continue to support and wish the best for her, and we remain optimistic that constructive dialogue can resolve this matter."

Pham continues to have side effects from Ebola and her treatment.

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