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New Signs On Katy Trail In Dallas Ban Scooters

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Of all the activities you can do on the Katy Trail in Dallas, riding scooters is no longer one of them. New signs were put up Friday that say scooters are no longer welcome on the popular trail.

People caught violating the rule could pay up to a $200 fine.

Katy Trail sign
New signs on the Katy Trail in Dallas ban scooters. (CBS11)

Plenty of people rode scooters on the Katy Trail on Friday despite the new Dallas ordinance that banned them. One visitor from Reno said he had no idea of the change.

"I haven't seen any signs. I even passed by some police officers who didn't say anything," said Cody Heimerdinger.

Dallas police officers seen near the trail said they were also unaware of the change.

Nine signs were posted at entrances to the trail, letting people know not to bring their scooters.

"We come on Saturday mornings. You know everybody is running here. Adding another vehicle, a scooter can be a little tricky," said Luis Boutz. "But in a day like this... no one really around, we found it much easier riding the scooters on the Katy Trail.

Others applauded the new rule, saying the scooters are dangerous and impede the traffic of people who are trying to work out.

"They are a nuisance. They ought not be around on the trail. They can be around the city, but probably up here, it's not a good idea," said Tom Sanden.

The scooters had been banned on the trail for some time, but now that the signs are up, people can actually be cited.


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