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New Mavericks Interim CEO: "We Will Be The Standard Of Inclusion & Diversity"

DALLAS (CBS11) - Cynt (short for Cynthia) Marshall made as good of a first impression as you can in her first appearance as interim CEO of the Dallas Mavericks on Monday afternoon.

Marshall, who will likely be named the permanent CEO by around March 12, was named to the position less than a week after Sports Illustrated published a report that described a hostile workplace for women in the Mavericks' organization.

Cynthia Marshall
Cynthia Marshall - Dallas Mavericks interim CEO (CBS11)

At the center of the report was former Mavericks president, Terdema Ussery. Ussery, who was accused of making sexually suggestive remarks to several women, was investigated by the team over similar claims in 1998. When contacted by SI, he denied the allegations.

At Monday's introduction, Marshall identified three immediate areas of focus for the club moving foward to provide a safe place to work: The investigation, culture transformation and operational effectiveness.

Marshall said that independent investigators are already in the process of speaking with current and former employees of the club to make sure that all allegations are looked into and addressed.

"It's a workplace were there is zero tolerance for sexual harrassment, domestic violence, or any type of inappropriate behavior," Marshall said of what she expects going foward.

The former Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer at AT&T also spoke on her desire that the club be more inclusive and a place for "everyone to work."

"I am determined and Mark is determined. We are laying out a vision that says by 2019, the Dallas Mavericks will be the standard in inclusion and diversity," Marshall said.

When asked questions about what he knew regarding Ussery's involvement in inappropriate conduct, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he wouldn't comment on anything until the independent investigation is complete.

CBS11 talked to Mavericks fans at Monday night's game against the Indiana Pacers at the American Airlines Center.

"She seems like a good change of pace," said Mavs fan Francesco Ziniti.

Fans like Jonique Johnson said she was disgusted by the recent revelations of sexual misconduct.

"What better way for you to be sure that women will no longer be violated than putting a woman in charge," said Johnson.

Other fans though feel it is the results that will matter the most.

"I wouldn't care who it was. Are they able to do the job? Can they get us some new players in here? Get they get us some wins? That's all that matters," said Sean Brannon, a Mavs fan.

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