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New Details In East Dallas Triple Murder

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Teddy bears, flowers, and personal messages line the fence outside the East Dallas home where Raymond and Mary Davis lived.

Online, friends have posted messages remembering their daughter, Donya Palmer, a mother of three and popular online gamer.

All three died Thursday morning - each of them stabbed multiple times.

Police have arrested Palmer's husband, William Palmer, for capital murder, but they are still working to answer how and why he may have killed his wife and in-laws.

Investigators say William and Donya Palmer, who lived in Sachse, were suffering financially.

Neighbors say their water had repeatedly been turned off, and the couple couldn't afford to purchase the home they were renting.

After 21 years together, police say, their marriage fell apart, and the couple separated last week.

Palmer moved to her parents home, where she woke up Thursday morning and walked out to her car.

Investigators aren't sure how long William Palmer had been standing outside that house on Peavy Street, waiting for his wife or possibly planning what he was about to do.

Police say he confronted his wife, chased her inside the house, and stabbed her  As her father and mother each walked into the room, police say, he stabbed them too.

A sister who witnessed the slaying, Kelly Dennehy, escaped with a cut to her arm.  Officers say she ran upstairs, grabbed her sleeping 6 year old daughter, and hid in an upstairs closet where Palmer couldn't find them.

Police returned the scene today, looking for any evidence they may have missed.  Investigators have taken various knives into evidence, but have yet to identify the murder weapon.

Police also say there's no previous record of violence between the suspect and his wife.  Sachse police records, however, show his 20-year-old daughter, Brianna Palmer, had once complained he had 'choked her and pushed her down the stairs' while trying to kick her out of the house.

Police say they could never reach the daughter to follow-up and charges were never filed.  A Walgreens in Sachse, where the couple's middle child, 18-year-old Danielle, works, has posted signs, requesting donations for three surviving children.

Neighbors in East Dallas also say a local Albertson's is donating flowers for the growing memorial.

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