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New data shows baby formula shortage getting worse

New data shows baby formula shortage getting worse
New data shows baby formula shortage getting worse 01:36

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The Biden administration is taking steps to address the nationwide baby formula shortage, but families in North Texas are still having a hard time finding what they need to feed their babies.

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"It's pretty much terrible," said Bernie Lott, dad to an infant. "Most Walmarts, Targets, any store we go to and try to find it – it's pretty much empty for the most part."

New data confirms what parents are seeing: the shortage has been getting worse.

According to Datasembly, a company that tracks the supply of consumer goods, 60 percent of all baby formula is out of stock in the Dallas mark.  That's up from 40 percent at the beginning of May.

"We haven't had any luck at all at any of the shops," said a mom in Fort Worth who was looking for formula. "My mom actually had to ship us out some formula she found over in California. That's pretty much what we've been surviving off of for now."

Parents are also turning to a network of kind strangers who live in different parts of the country to help them find formula.

"It's just so sad and so scary," said Lauren Landon, who grew up outside Dallas but lives in Florida.

She's shipped nearly 100 cans to families in Colorado and Texas to help them get through the shortage.

"It's definitely a group effort, but I'm just glad there's something that can help others," she said.

President Joe Biden announced Wednesday more help is on the way.

Starting next week, 680,000 pounds of formula products will be flown in from the UK and Australia, which is enough powder for about 8.3 million baby bottles.

Unlike previous overseas shipments that went straight to doctor's offices and hospitals, these deliveries will go to retailers like Target.

"I am just excited for the day that I walk into a grocery store and see filled shelves again," Landon said.

The White House hasn't given any specifics on which locations could receive the formula or when it will hit store shelves.

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