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NBA Suspending Drug Testing During Coronavirus Hiatus

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The NBA postponed the 2019-2020 season after multiple players tested positive for COVID-19. Initially the that was limited to games, however, the league has expanded the suspension to include practices and team activities.

Today the NBA and players association agreed to pause all drug testing amid the hiatus.

Usually, players are given no more than four random drug tests during the season according to the CBA, but the NBA and NBPA have agreed to put those tests on hold. Tests will resume when the league year starts back up.

According to the CBA, any player who tests positive for a banned substance could be issued fines or suspensions with a maximum two-year ban.

Many have reported that the NBA is looking for a return for mid-to-late June, which could potentially put the playoffs in August. There have been rumors flying online including an NCAA style bracket tournament to decide the 2019-2020 NBA champion.

Players have been asked to remain in their team's cities and are still allowed to practice facilities for individual workouts.

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