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N. Texas GOP Congressman Calls For President Biden To Resign Or Be Impeached Over Afghanistan Withdrawal, Dem. Congressman Disagrees

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - After the U.S. military withdrew from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden said they had airlifted more than 120,000 people to safety.

But he acknowledged Americans were left behind.

Critics have accused President Biden of creating the situation that required the massive airlift.

Republican Congressman Roger Williams, whose district includes parts of South Fort Worth, said President Biden needs to be impeached or to leave office on his own.

"The battlefield was the kicker for me to decide that this President, frankly, needed to resign. It was a disaster," said Rep. Williams. "I think the majority of people are saying that, leaving people on the battlefield, having 13 of our best and brightest killed last week, did not have to happen, taking orders, as I said earlier, from the Taliban. Our friends do not trust us now, our enemies do not fear us. We are at a very, very weak point."

Democratic Congressman Colin Allred of Dallas disagreed.

"I don't think it's helpful to in the midst of a crisis of overseas to politicize it. I think that this is a time for us to understand that much of what's happening here is outside of our control. We have to accept that as well that there are limits to American power," said Rep. Allred. "When a crisis happens, that doesn't mean that you call on the president or the leader who's in charge at that time to resign. That's the time when we should rally around trying to solve that crisis."

With Democrats in control of Congress, Williams acknowledged the President won't be impeached, but said it needs to be discussed anyway, especially after 13 U.S. service members were killed in a terror attack there last week.

Congressman Allred said he agrees with President Biden that it was time to end the 20 year U.S. war in Afghanistan, the longest in American history.

But Republican critics have said the war isn't over because Afghanistan has become a haven for terrorists, including Al-Qaeda and Isis-K among others.

Congressmen Williams and Allred disagreed over whether President Biden knew the Afghanistan government would fall so quickly.

Rep. Williams said, "They failed because there was no plan. We had no plan. I believe they did know it was going to fall that early, and they just let it happen, because they wanted to get out on August 31."

Rep. Allred said, "Anytime you have a government fall in 11 days, you're going to have a problem in terms of your withdrawal. No one would have predicted the fall of the Afghan government that quickly, for the Afghan President would pack up and leave the country and leave basically Kabul defenseless."

The House Foreign Affairs Committee is set to hold a hearing this month into Afghanistan.

Rep. Allred is a member of the committee.

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