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Murdered Teen's Family Member Shocked By Uncle's Arrest

GREENVILLE (CBS 11 NEWS) – When 16-year-old Alicia Moore's body was found stuffed in a wicker trunk six months ago and dumped in Van Zandt County, detectives asked some family members to provide DNA samples for testing.

The results of those tests cam back on April 30.  Greenville police and Van Zandt County investigators later met with the family to tell them DNA from Alicia's great uncle, Michael Moore, 57, was found on her body.  Moore is in jail charged with Capital Murder for the death of the teen.

The news shocked the family all over again.  "We're glad it's an arrest, but we're just shocked about the person who they arrested," said Alicia's aunt, Jessica Byrd. "Would have never thought it is my uncle, but if that's what the DNA say, that's what the DNA say."

Moore was last seen on November 2, as surveillance video captured her getting off her school bus near her home.   Four days later, the teen's body was found 40 miles away in a trunk alongside a rural road in Van Zandt County.

Before her death, loved ones say Michael Moore came to Alicia's home in Greenville nearly every weekend to teach her how to bake.

"It was no sign of his attitude, his appearance...nothing that made him seen as a person of interest," said Byrd.

Some family members simply don't want to believe it, recalling how distraught Michael Moore acted during Alicia's funeral.

"He took it very hard, so you never know about people these days. They can be smiling, happy, but you never know what they're doing behind closed doors."

Family members say they have not talked to Michael Moore, who is being held in the Van Zandt County jail on a 10 million dollar bond.

Neither family members nor police have given a potential motive for the murder.

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