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Safety In Style: Mum Masks Are The Newest 2020 Homecoming Trend

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - In Texas where everything is usually bigger, this year's homecoming mums are getting smaller.

Shay Mueller has been creating traditional mums and garters for years, until an idea for 2020 hit her.

"I was actually in bed one night, and I had been working on mums earlier that day," Mueller said. "So of course that was on my mind and I think the news was on and I was thinking about face masks and then all of a sudden I was like, 'I'm going to make some face masks with mums on it!'"

As far as protection, they're three-ply disposable masks -- just covered with glitter. She posted photos of her creations to social media and was overwhelmed with orders.

Mum mask
Mum mask


Mueller said she never thought her idea would gain so much traction.

"I have barely slowed down enough to eat!" she said.

Florists from across the state have already been asking for her help on replicating her designs, which she said she is more than happy to offer.

In North Texas, Cecilia Valudos, the co-owner of C&C's Floral Events, said they're planning on joining in on the fun.

"If we get the orders, we will do them. If that's what they want then we will create it," Valudos said.

But Mueller said, if she's learned anything, it's just how versatile mum making can be.

"I make rings, and little necklaces… I mean you could put them on anything!" she said.


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