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Ms. Grinch Caught On Camera Stealing Christmas Decorations

♦♦♦ BREAKING NEWS DEVELOPMENTS - Parker County Sheriff's deputies were on the lookout for the woman who swiped Christmas decorations from several homes. Wednesday, after investigators made a positive identification, a suspect was arrested. Click here to find out the latest! ♦♦♦

ALEDO (CBS 11 NEWS) - Parker County Sheriff's deputies are looking for a woman who swiped Christmas decorations from several homes.

Surveillance video shows the woman walking up a side walk in Aledo and towards the Starnes family front door.

She goes straight for the holiday wreath and then walks off.

She also unplugs an extension cord and starts taking out two strands of lights.

"I think it's scary that a grown woman would feel the need to do that," says Ashley Starnes. "That she would walk up to the front door and take something. It scared me for my kids safety."

Ashley and her husband Jon were surprised to find the grinch in the act on their home surveillance system.

A week after their wreath and lights were stolen, the woman was back for more lights.

parker County Stolen decorations 2
(credit: Starnes family surveillance)

This time, they could see that she was in a red four door pick up.

"She did not look scared. She was not in a rush," says Ashley Starnes. "She was not worried."

The family first thought it was teenagers but then looked at their video closely and could see the woman stealing in the middle of the night.

Deputies say thieves stole outdoor decorations on at least five homes in the Aledo area with in the last two weeks.

Investigators are not sure if the woman caught on the Starnes surveillance video is responsible for all the thefts, but now have the video of evidence and are trying to find her.

The Starnes meantime have taken down the rest of their decorations.

"We are not going to contribute to her Christmas light stash anymore," says Jon Starnes "Everything is gone."

The family wants her caught before another families Christmas spirit is stolen.

"There is really not another word I have other than pity. I hope she doesn't step foot in the wrong yard it may make somebody else a lot madder than me," says Jon Starnes.

If you know anything about the stolen holiday decorations call the Parker County Sheriff's Office at 817-594-8845.

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