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Motivational Speaker Leads Effort To Get Thousands Of 'Letters Of Gratitude' To Medal Of Honor Recipients

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM )—Janine Stange first made national headlines by singing the National Anthem in all 50 states.

Now, in another act of patriotism, the motivational speaker and founder of Medal Of Honor Mail Call is out to help send a big show of gratitude to the 71 living Medal of Honor recipients in the U.S.

Stange is in North Texas working with the people behind the National Medal of Honor Museum which is being built in Arlington to get the word out and ask anyone who will do it, to write a letter of appreciation to the Medal of Honor recipients.

"This is your opportunity to say thank you, and I think it's so important now," said Stange.

Janine Stange
Janine Stange (CBS 11)

She began this effort four year ago and it and said it has grown exponentially.

She is now hoping to break last year's record of 12,000 letters to be delivered by March 25, which is National Medal of Honor Day.

"Whenever you put on the news it seems like the country is torn apart. This is an opportunity to unite us," she said.

If you would like to send a Medal of Honor recipient a letter of gratitude,  click here for details and instructions on how to do it.


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