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More Help On The Way From North Texas To Fight California Wildfires

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - As the historic wildfires in California continue to spread, Texas is sending another wave of help.

Nearly 170 firefighters from across the state are flying out to California Tuesday morning.

For several McKinney firefighters, this is their second deployment.

"There's no doubt those guys are needing help," said Quincy Blount, who works for the McKinney Fire Department. "They're just as tired as they were when I went out there the first time, and they're not getting any relief whatsoever."

Blount is heading back to California to help battle the wildfires, just two weeks after his heartfelt reunion with his daughter after his first deployment captivated thousands on social media

"I made a stop by the school and had her pulled out of class to tell her I was leaving," Blount said. "It wasn't as easy this time, for both of us, by no means."

The same crew Blount spent 25 days out there with on the first deployment volunteered for another round.

They don't know exactly where they'll be sent yet, but Blount's been watching the latest fires in Sonoma and Napa counties.

He says he knows the pictures and videos just don't do it justice.

"It's unreal," he said. "Until you see, the pictures are just which way the camera is facing. Everywhere you look is like that."

Blount is eager to help out, but he says being away from his family is the toughest part of the job – especially knowing he may miss his daughter's 8th birthday.

"I said I'd do everything I could to be home for her birthday, but I couldn't promise her," said Blount.

He did promise a special birthday party whenever he does get back home, no matter what day it is.

"We'll see how many days I'm gone this time," he said.

Blount will be joining about 80 other firefighters from North Texas who will fly to California Tuesday morning to relieve the crews that have been on the front lines the past few weeks.

Southwest Airlines is chartering two roundtrip flights to get the firefighters to and from Texas.

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