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Mistaken Identity Leaves Allen Barber Explaining He's Not A Shooting Suspect

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ALLEN (CBS11)  - A case of mistaken identity has a Collin County business owner eager to make everyone clear that he's not the suspect police say fired at construction workers Wednesday for making too much noise.

When Allen Police identified the suspect who fired at the new Lowery 9th Grade Center construction site as Roy Dale Rogers who lives in an apartment across the street, Roy Rex Rogers who owns a nearby barber shop says he suddenly had a lot of explaining to do.

When police say 75-year-old Roy Dale Rogers got fed up with all the noise and allegedly fired shots at the construction site across from his apartment, the construction workers weren't the only ones surprised.

Roy Dale Rogers
Roy Dale Rogers (credit: Collin County Sheriff's Office)

"Well when I got the notice on my phone and saw that it was Roy Rogers, I immediately thought it was my next door neighbor that owns the barber shop," Tunya Green said.

"People just been coming in saying, hey are you the Roy Rogers that was on the news doing the shooting?" Roy Rogers the barber said.

Longtime customer Dan Mulkey said he knew his barber was not the suspect, but he couldn't help himself.

"I told him to keep his gun in the back room, and I'd keep coming back to get haircuts," Mulkey said.

"Well, I'm laughing about it now, but yesterday I wasn't laughing about it," Rogers said.

That's because well after police identified the suspect and took him into custody, the barber says a safety inspector for the construction company stopped by his shop and made him feel interrogated.

"Why would I be in here at the next morning cutting people's hair when I was supposedly the shooter that night?" Rogers said.

Police quickly cleared up the confusion. After that, Rogers says the inspector returned to apologize.

A representative for the construction company tells CBS11 they are now clear on the fact that the barber had nothing to do with the shooting.

Roy Dale Rogers remains in custody where he faces a felony count of deadly conduct discharging a firearm.

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