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Meet A Granny Globetrotter And Her Old Meadowlark Lemon 3-Point Hook

Granny Globetrotter Kay Seamayer
Granny Globetrotter Kay Seamayer. (Credit: Mike Kinney/KTVT)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Have you ever met someone and said to yourself, "I hope I'm still able to do that when I'm their age?" Well, Kay Seamayer is one of those people.

I met Kay earlier this year when the Harlem Globetrotters came to town and did a little media opportunity with the Granny Globetrotters. So when the Globetrotters sent out an email to the local media that she was a finalist in the Globetrotter Nation HORSE challenge, I knew this would be a fun story.

Kay Seamayer is 71 years young and a member of a senior women's basketball team, which travels around the region playing in a 60 years and up league. It's won multiple gold medals in the Senior Olympics and other games.

When she found out the Globetrotters challenged all their fans to a game of HORSE, she entered a video on-line of her blindfolded free throw shot, which she hit on the first try.

She came in second in the voting for that week and the Globetrotters encouraged her to send in another shot. I wanted to be there when she attempted he next shot, so I went to see her attempt the old Meadowlark Lemon three-point hook shot, which happens to be one of my all time favorite HORSE shots.

When I got to the gym she had already been there shooting around for an hour and a half and had no problem throwing down the big hook shot for the camera. She made the finals again but sadly came up short on the votes and came in second again.

Kay Seamayer is a motivational speaker who wants to encourage everyone to "Get up, Get out, and Get Your Move on." Which is exactly what you'll find her doing wherever she goes.

She is quite an inspiration to me and even though she came in second in the HORSE challenge, she is number one in my book. Now I'm wondering how long it will take to get the Globetrotters' theme song "Sweet Georgia Brown" out of my head. Ba-Da-Da-Da-Dunt-Duh!!!

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