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2 Women Who Helped Save Fort Worth Newborn Meet For 1st Time

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - Valerie Carson has been answering 911 calls in Fort Worth for 30 years.

Two months ago, she got one that will stick with her.

"My baby's not responsive. I'm trying to shake him, grab his arm, and he's just not responsive He's not listening, like if I yell his name…" a mother explained.

"Is he breathing?" she asked.

"No," came the response.

"I'm going to tell you how to do mouth to mouth," Carson told the mother.

Just three weeks old, the baby had choked on his milk.

Parker Fennell
Credit: MedStar EMS

"Oh my god, he's turning purple," his mother said..

Carson walked the caller, Erin Fennell, through CPR.

"We're going to give him one breath and then 5 pumps," she told Fennell.

After three long minutes, baby Parker finally started to cry.

"As soon as I heard the cry, I knew we were going in the right direction," said Carson.

In her time as a dispatcher with MedStar, Carson has handled tens of thousands of calls as a dispatcher, but of the many people she's helped, she'd only ever met one in person - until Friday.

Fennell visited her at work, with now 11 week old Parker, wrapping her arms around Carson.

"I'm never gonna forget her name. I'm never going to forget face, I'm never gonna forget that phone call. She is the reason Parker is here right now," said Fennell. "Oh man, it's.. I'm surprised I'm not completely breaking down in tears right now."

MedStar awarded Fennell a life saving award for managing to stay calm under pressure.

That's not exactly how she remembers it.

"I remember feeling very very panicked," she said.

When Parker started to cry, she says, she almost did too.

"I remember wanting to cry, but knowing we weren't really out of the woods and so it wasn't time for me to break down, but I wanted to. It was like the happiest thing I've ever heard in my life, that cry," she said.

That day back in August, the two women stayed on the phone until the Fort Worth Fire Department arrived to help, working together to give Parker a fighting chance.

"You did a great job with him. Thank you," Carson told her before ending the call.

You can listen to the entire 911 call here.



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