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Commissioners Select Marian Brown, A Candidate, As Interim Dallas County Sheriff

DALLAS (CBS11) - Dallas County Commissioners appointed Chief Marian Brown, number three under Lupe Valdez, as the interim Sheriff effective just after midnight on January 1.

Brown told Commissioners, "I look forward to working with this court as well as the community."

Chief Deputy Marian Brown
(credit: Dallas County Sheriff's Office)

She is one of three Democrats running in the March primary.

They also include Roy Williams Jr., the Dallas County Constable for Precinct 4 and Eland Sigler.

There are two candidates running in the Republicans primary:  Chad Prda, a detective and 15-year veteran of the department, and Aaron Meek, a deputy in the department.

County Judge Clay Jenkins said he would have preferred having an interim Sheriff who wasn't also running, but says Brown is well-qualified.  "It was not an attempt by the Commissioners Court to give anyone a head start in a race.  This is what several members of the command staff, what the outgoing sheriff requested."

Valdez acknowledged her recommendation.  "I gave my opinion, and it was Chief Brown."

She said the Sheriff's Office has a variety of major projects that Brown has helped her plan.

But the outgoing Sheriff was asked why not recommend her number two, who is not running. "I would think whoever's going to continue the process should just get into it right now and continue the process.  My number 2 has enought stuff to do."

Roy Williams Jr., a Constable, told me the process was fair.  "I would have appreciated the same opportunity, but it didn't work out that way."

Marian Brown said, "A person could say 'yes, that provides an unfair advantage' and indeed it does provide an advantage.  Unfair?  Don't know."  Reporter:  Why?  Brown:  "I think you have to get out there and sell yourself."

Republican Chad Prda told me Brown does have an unfair advantage, but that voters may decide next November they don't want a party to select a winner.

Dallas County GOP Chairwoman Missy Shorey said in a statement, "Once again the Democrats are playing politics by cherry-picking their candidates instead of allowing the will of the people to be heard."

Republicans were also criticized when Susan Hawk resigned as Dallas County District Attorney.  

It came after a date in which Governor Greg Abbott would have to appoint someone to serve as the interim DA.

Abbott selected Republican Faith Johnson, who's now running for election.

Johnson will face the winner of the Democratic primary, either former Dallas County Judge John Creuzot or Dallas County Judge Elizabeth Frizell.

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