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Police: Man Conned Teen Into Letting Him Into House Claiming Gas Leak

KENNEDALE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Gas leaks in Dallas have made headlines for weeks.

Now, police in another North Texas city are searching for a man they say conned his way into a house claiming there was a gas leak in their neighborhood.

Kennedale home
A man conned his way into this Kennedale home according to police (CBS11)

It happened in Kennedale late last week down the street from the city's police department.

Kennedale Police
Kennedale Police (Jack Fink - CBS11)

Police say the incident proved to be scary for homeowners, because their grand-daughter was home alone at the time, and let the man into the house.

Police say are still pursuing leads to find the suspect, who said he worked at the city's water department.

Chief Tommy Williams says he doesn't know if the man intended to use the gas leaks in Dallas to scare people.

"It is always fresh on people's minds when it's in the news as much as the Dallas gas leaks have been in there. And because you had the one house that exploded, I think people are fearful of that, so it's real easy to play on that fear."

Williams says the good news is the girl's grandmother arrived home shortly after the man went inside the house.

Nothing happened, no one was hurt, and the man left the house and drove off in a hurry.

Chief Williams says, "The grandmother went out in the yard and a neighbor or a friend was driving by because he had seen the vehicle and was coming back to check on it and she motioned to him to follow the vehicle, so he attempted to follow behind it. The truck was just driving too fast. He didn't want to keep up with it because it was too dangerous."

He says the neighbor was able to get a description of the vehicle and a partial license plate.

It's a white, 1980's Chevy pick-up truck, with the partial Texas plate of: CZ_9453.

Police say they haven't received any other complaints about this man.

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