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Prince Moves Concert, Welcomes Crazy Water

MINERAL WELLS (CBSDFW.COM) - Prince's Super Bowl party – simply called 'The Event' – is one of the most high-dollar tickets in North Texas this week. For $1500, guests are treated to an evening of all-inclusive drinks, food and entertainment. But a unique North Texas product will be sharing the spotlight with the "Let's Go Crazy" performer at his Super Bowl party.

The Event, featuring Prince and Erika Badu, was originally scheduled to be held in downtown Dallas on the former site of Reunion Arena.  On Monday, the charity concert was moved to the Hotel Intercontinental in Addison.  Promoters of 'The Event' say the Hotel Intercontinental offers better sound, production, and most importantly, better traffic access for concertgoers.

A special brand of locally-produced mineral water will make its celebrity debut this weekend at 'The Event' after being specifically selected as the exclusive mineral water for Prince's party. And the business owners who bottle that water say the honor is, well, crazy.

It's called Crazy Water, and it's pumped and bottled by hand in Mineral Wells. Owner Carol Elder explained the story behind the name, "In 1881, a demented woman came to Mineral Wells, drank the water. That's believed to have cured her case of the crazies."

Now, the locally-produced mineral water will be served at Prince's crazy party. "At a meeting a few weeks ago, they were trying to put together some great Texas products, and they thought of Crazy Water to bring in," Elder said, of how her product came to share the spotlight with a superstar artist. "We never thought, with the Super Bowl going on 90 miles away, that we'd get any exposure."

Many have long-believed that the naturally-occuring mineral waters of Mineral Wells hold special medicinal powers. A number of professional athletes – like former Dallas Stars player Mike Modano – are already big fans of Crazy Water. "A lot of athletes drink it for rehydration and re-mineralization," Elder said, "because it is an all-natural sports drink."

"We kind of feel like we're the Shiner Bock of water," Elder said.

Now, about 6,000 bottles of Crazy Water are heading to 'The Event' to, theoretically, be sipped by some of the biggest names from Hollywood. And possibly even Prince himself. "It's going to be at the party. That's what's so exciting," Elder said. "It'll be fun. They're already famous, now they can carry around a bottle that says they're crazy, too."


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