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Lil' Ron Washington: 'That's The Way Baseball Go'

KELLER (CBSDFW.COM) - If imitation is the best form of flattery, Texas Rangers Baseball Manager Ron Washington must be very flattered.  Liam Roybal, from Keller, is Washington's spitting image, sunflower seeds and all. Liam is only 7. But thanks to his Ron Washington haircut and fake moustache, looks like he's going on 57.

CBS 11's Carol Cavazos asked him, "So Ron. Do you mind if I call you Ron?" How do you think the world series is going so far?"
"Not good," he said. "Why do you think the Giants are beating us?" Cavazos asked. "They hit more homeruns," the mini Ron responded.

Liam said he wanted to look like an old man for Halloween. But when his school decided to skip the holiday, his parents went with Texas Rangers Manager Ron Washington as a look for career day. His mom shaved his head. "I had to study some pictures on the Internet before I got started. And once I got started, it was very nerve racking because I was afraid I'd mess it up," Amy Roybal said.

Liam has certainly hit a homerun with the real Ron Washington who was asked about his double. "It's nice that the young kid after watching baseball
games and want to be Ron Washington, that means a lot," Washington said.

And now, Liam has become a celebrity in his own right capturing the title of best Ron Washington look-a-like. Liam says he's not sure when he'll grow his hair back out. He kind of like his look right now.

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