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Lego Roller Coaster Wins Kaufman Resident With Auditory Disorder Another Blue Ribbon From State Fair

KAUFMAN COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) — Just like that — the state fair is over. But, one family's home is filled with fair memories all year-round, thanks to their youngest son and his blue ribbon creations.

From Sydney, Australia; to London, England; even to Walt Disney's castle... there are tiny tributes to some of the world's greatest architecture by Taylor Smith — who has a rare genetic condition called Treacher Collins.

Smith also has a central auditory processing disorder, so he does not talk and has limited hearing. But, he can build.

Piece by piece, Smith is always ready to work on his projects... Projects that sometimes have more than 4,000 blocks.

Kaufman Resident Receives Another Blue Ribbon At State Fair For Lego Roller Coaster
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His mother, Lisa, said although he's not the strongest auditorily, he is "very strong visually."

"He's always ready to work on them if he can," his mother said. "It became obvious that it was something he was really good at."

One year on a whim, Smith's mother entered his work in a State Fair of Texas competition — where he won a blue ribbon.

He's competed ever since.

Now, he and his family attend opening day almost every year.

"He loves rollercoasters," his mother said. "He rides all the rides on the midway, and he would ride every ride if we could.

This year, Smith took his love for roller coasters and created another 4,000 block masterpiece — winning, once again, another blue ribbon.

And his winning roller coaster, along with his blue ribbon, will now sit inside his home alongside his other creations.

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