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Killed Pastor's Son Says His Dad Taught Forgiveness

BURLESON (CBS 11 NEWS) - Nineteen-year-old Evan Jennings is one of three children left without a father after a car crash near Burleson killed 41-year-old Brian Jennings on Sunday.

"Around midnight on Father's Day, my dad got to meet his heavenly father face to face," Evan said.  "I know this is true, because he set his mind on things that are above. And he dedicated his life to helping others do that."

Brian Jennings, a youth minister in Burleson, was on his way home from Evan's graduation party when he stopped to help Breanna Mitchell.  Mitchell suffered a blow out on the way home from work at a Fort Worth restaurant. Police say a 17-year-old driving a pickup slammed into them and two others who were trying to help, killing all four. TABC is involved in the investigation of the crash.  An agent tells CBS-11 that the preliminary investigation points to alcohol being involved in the crash -- they're now searching for the retailer who may supplied it to the teens.

Brian Jennings had just finished a week-long vacation with his family at SeaWorld.  His son Evan said he's left with pleasant memories of his dad from that week.  And he's left with the haunting title of what his dad's Sunday school lesson was going to be the day he died.

"When I came home Sunday and turned on my dad's iPad, the first thing that came up was his study notes for our youth group," Evan said as he choked back tears.  "The topic, in big bold letters was 'Forgiveness.'"

Forgiveness, Evan said, may be the hardest lesson his dad wanted him to learn.

"Feelings come and go," Evan said of his struggle with emotions. "I know that He's got a greater plan.  I'll just focus on Him and stay true, and I can overcome that."

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