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Keller ISD Welcoming Students Back With New Dress Code

KELLER (CBS 11 NEWS) - Most school districts head back to school August 26th.

Students in Keller ISD will have to get used to some changes regarding the dress code.

One of the biggest changes involves the length of shorts and skirts, which will now have to be mid-thigh.

Another change means form fitting yoga pants or leggings must be covered by a top and no tank tops or exposing of any undergarments.

"We don't really get to chose what we wear now," says Keller High School Senior Tory Skrasek. "We would rather just have uniforms."

Keller High Junior Colin Duggan admits the changes really impact girls more. Still he says, "So many of the clothes were really inappropriate.  Shorts way too short - form fitting clothing - it was like you were naked but your legs were a different color."

Also, no tattoos or piercings other than in the ears can be visible.

Hats are banned, and students can't even carry them in school.

"The goal obviously is to have well dressed modestly - well dressed students in our schools," explains Superintendent Dr. Randy Reid "We want to focus on education."

Dr. Reid says the district looked at possibly uniforms, but at this point is not moving in that direction.

Another change includes healthier menus with smaller portion sizes.

The district will continue requiring students to have a serving of fruits and vegetables every day.

That change impacts all school districts, but Keller ISD implemented it last year.

"We were ahead of the those changes before the actual regulations were set in place, so the changes that we saw in Keller weren't as drastic," explains Chris Maggard Keller ISD Director of Child Nutrition.

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