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Jury Selection In Amber Guyger Trial Continues Friday

​DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — Tomorrow, jury selection in the Amber Guyger trial continues. ​

The former Dallas police officer​ is facing a murder charge for the shooting death of Botham Jean last year.

Last week, 400 potential jurors were handed questionnaires. Lawyers on both sides of this case have examined them. ​Tomorrow, the potential jurors are expected to elaborate on their answers. ​

"The consultants on both sides — as well as the ​defense and prosecution — are trying to look for trends, ​attitudes and opinions that might favor ​their position, or might bias their position," UT Dallas Professor Of Criminology Alex Piquero said.

Piquero ​also said personal experiences, beliefs ​and attitudes on various aspects of the criminal ​justice system play into the selection process. ​
"You're trying to read into what some people might ​end up doing, with the weight of the evidence at the end of the day," she said.

"Jury selection is as important — some may argue more important — than any other phase of the trial," Veteran Criminal Defense Attorney Barry Sorrels said. "They're looking for who they want to get rid of."

Ultimately, a 12 person jury will decide if Guyger ​shot Jean intentionally or because of what she believed.

Just over one year ago on the night he was shot dead, ​the former Dallas police officer — who was off duty —​ told police she thought her neighbor was an intruder in her own apartment. ​

Guyger's attorneys have asked the judge presiding ​over the trial to move it to another county, ​saying she can't receive a fair trial in Dallas ​after all of the media reports. The judge will first see whether a jury ​can be seated before she rules on a change of venue. ​

Testimony is expected to begin Sept. 23. ​

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