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Josh Hamilton Says 'Holy Spirit' Spoke To Him During 2011 World Series: 'You're About To Hit A Homer Right Now, Son'

(CBSDFW.COM) - Former Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton, who's been open about his religious beliefs, said the "Holy Spirit" spoke to him during Game 6 of the 2011 World Series and right before he made his decision to retire.

Hamilton wrote a letter that was published on The Player's Tribune on Friday ahead of his Rangers Hall of Fame induction this weekend. In it, he talked about his time with the Rangers and used it as an opportunity to thank the fans.

He specifically mentioned Game 6 against the St. Louis Cardinals in the letter and revealed what went on before he hit a two-run homer in the 10th inning to put the Rangers in front 9-7.

Josh Hamilton
Josh Hamilton #32 of the Texas Rangers during Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

"I'm telling you, out of nowhere... I hear the Holy Spirit talking to me. This is the honest truth... I'm standing there, getting ready to bat, and I heat it clear as day. 'You're about to hit a homer right now, son.' And I'm like. 'Huh... ok,'" he wrote. The Cardinals ended up coming back to win 10-9.

The 2010 AL MVP dealt with drug and alcohol problems throughout his life and went through several relapses during his professional career. He credits his faith with helping him stay on track. In the letter, he also said he believes the support from fans have helped him get through difficult times.

"People need people. We all need love. We all need support... I've found that those random positive interactions with fans tend to happen at moments when I'm maybe needing a little extra support or encouragement," Hamilton wrote. "I think God allows those moments to happens when they can really do me some good."

He also talked about a moment in 2017 when he said the "Holy Spirit" talked to him again, like during Game 6. He said the voice came to him during a time where he was worrying about his future in baseball and also focusing on his daughters and their education.

"I hear the voice again, and He says, 'You know you're scared.' Just out of nowhere He says that... And so I'm caught off guard by it, but I start talking back. 'Scared of what?' I say... this isn't something I say in my head or whatever... I'm saying them out loud, out there on my ranch with the axe in my hand," Hamilton wrote. "Then He speaks to me another time. 'Of being... done.'"

He continued to talk about the conversation he said he had with the "Holy Spirit."

"'It's OK to be done, you know,' He said. 'I have something more for you after baseball.' Man, let me tell you... it was really something hearing that. I'll never forget those words. 'I have something more for you after baseball,'" Hamilton wrote. "I smiled. Didn't say anything in response. Didn't have to."

It was after this conversation that Hamilton said he decided to retire from baseball.

"Then 10 minutes later... I called my agent and told him the news. I was done. It was time," Hamilton wrote. "Man... was the Lord ever right, too."

Hamilton's mark on Rangers history will be enshrined on Saturday when he gets inducted into the team's Hall of Fame. The ceremony will happen before the Rangers' game against the Minnesota Twins.

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