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Jones Wanting Players To Stand For National Anthem "To Remove Debate"

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) - "The implication that we are not respecting the flag is not going to be accepted," said Dallas Cowboys owner/General Manager Jerry Jones.

With the recent headlines that he would 'bench' players for not standing during the National Anthem at NFL games, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not going to answer any 'what if's' in regards to the possibility of players kneeling during the presentation of the American flag.

Jones, who has owned the team for nearly 28 years, says the issue is truly a 'workplace issue.' In fact, Jones says the edict to stand is in the Cowboys operating manual.

"Respecting the flag has been in place with the Cowboys organization since I got here, nearly 28 years ago," said Jones.

However, Jones added that he's not taking away any player's right to express themselves. "If we're going to have any recognition, it needs to be before the anthem" said Jones.

Jones addressed the report that two players raised their fists following the flag ceremony on Sunday, but would not say if he had a problem with it.

"The two players in question on Sunday (who held their fists up) they weren't in Arizona," said Jones, referring to the pre-ceremony move when the team, along with coaches and staff, knelt arm-in-arm for a prayer, in a show of unity before the National Anthem.

When asked about the recent social media attack by the President of the United States on the NFL over the protest the issue, Jones acknowledged their relationship but added that they don't always agree on things. "We're addressing the issue in part because he's (President Trump) been very active in the issue," said Jones. "Because of that, I've drawn a line."

Jones does believe that the team has been sensitive to social issues. But when it comes to this one issue and the possibility of alienating the fanbase, he wants things done a certain way. "There is a debate about standing for the flag, being disrespectful, so I am removing us from that debate," said Jones.

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