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Joe DeCamillas inspires Cowboys

Just out of the locker room as the Cowboys players will enjoy a bye week.

It looks like they will get together for practices on Wednesday and Thursday and then be off for the weekend.  A lot of talk in the locker room today about Joe DiCamillas' speech to the team on Saturday night. 

Joe was one of the ones who was hurt in the collapse of the practice bubble and he said  "I choose to live and not die."  It stuck with the players.  [pullquote quote=""I choose to live and not die" credit="Joe DiCamillas"]

Marty Bennett said, "It hit me.  I live my life by the day and think you should get the most out of every day."  Leonard Davis also said he was affected by his speech.

And for you Texas fans, Davis is choosing to go home to his ranch in Wortham, Texas instead of attending the Texas-OU game.

Wally Lynn covers the Dallas Cowboys for 105.3 The Fan


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