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Jerry Jones: "Too Pissed To Talk" To Dez Bryant

OXNARD, CA (CBSDFW.COM) - We may never know who pulled what bra strap and we may never know if "striking someone in the face with a cap'' is a truly violent act or just a re-enactment of an old Laurel & Hardy bit.

But this we do know about Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant's recent legal entanglement: His boss is "pissed'' about it.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones revealed Tuesday morning on 'Elf & Slater' on 105.3 The Fan that the reason he hasn't yet consulted with Bryant is, "Because I'm too pissed to talk to him.''

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The district attorney may be pressing on, even as Bryant's mother Angela wishes to drop the charges of family violence against her Cowboys-employee son. How do we know that she's telling the truth when she says she lied? We know that if you put the lad in a courtroom and maybe in jail, his leeches' rents and mortgages don't get paid.

Did Dez put his hands on his mother? It appears so. Maybe when Dez' lawyer returns from an ill-timed vacation in Europe, we'll get more answers, as for now, attorney Royce West and the Cowboys themselves are instructing Bryant to avoid speaking to the media.

That leaves the Cowboys back in charge, and having to weigh the value of the player vs. the risk of latitude given. It famously worked with Michael Irvin ... before it ceased working. On the field, it is a so-far success for third-year pro Bryant, the gifted Oklahoma State product who on Day 1 of camp in Oxnard put on a dazzling display for 5,000 practice-watching fans.

"You certainly couldn't have 53 players ultimately on your team that give the kind of consideration and time that you do to Dez," Jerry said on Sunday, as he maintained his calm while defending himself against questions regarding him not having spoken to the player. "But you say, 'Well, a No. 1 draft pick and an outstanding player, why not?' I agree with that. Why not?"

The simplest-yet-snarkiest "why not'': You can't score touchdowns from inside Lew Sterrett.

"I have seen … players that (required) a little heavier lifting than other players help you win championships," Jones said on Sunday. "High maintenance. But I have been a part of that and have seen it work and not compromise the franchise, not compromise the NFL.''

Less than 48 hours after exhibiting that sort of willingness to be tolerate, more Jerry truth emerged. He's pissed. If you're a Cowboys fan, you hope Jerry understands what his franchise is juggling here, and you hope that once cooler heads prevail, Dez gets his hands on some footballs and off his mama's bra straps.

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