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UPDATE: I-Team Gets Man's Money Back After Gift Card Stolen

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - Following a series of investigations into gift card fraud, the I-Team finally got a Texas man his money back.

Musician Robert Adale Davis contacted the I-Team this summer. He joins several other consumers who have called the I-Team after becoming victims of a gift card fraud which we've been reporting for years.

The consumers all had gift cards. They knew the cards should have balances. And yet, when they tried to use them, the cards were empty.

Davis showed the I-Team his receipt. He paid $130 dollars in July for a Visa gift card at Kroger; however, within an hour of buying it, the card had a zero balance.

Davis said, "It just kept coming back declined."

Experts have explained to us how thieves remove the cards from store shelves, use card readers to record the numbers, and then return the cards to the store.  The minute you activate your card, the scammers steal it.

"Lawmakers need to look at it," said Shannon Greer, a former insider who talked to the I-Team last month.

Industry insiders have told us lawmakers need to step in and tighten the security on the cards.

The I-Team has fought to get several consumers their money back through the years; however, for Davis, it took months.

But​ fortunately, after our story aired last month, the I-Team spoke again to a spokesperson from Kroger.

The head of Visa communications contacted us as well. Late last week, Visa followed up stating: "The resolution is underway."

Kroger also sent an email stating Visa is "...processing the dispute and will mail him (Davis) a replacement card on Monday 12/6 to arrive within 7-10 business days."

Mr. Davis texted the I-Team saying he is finally doing the "Happy dance."

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