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Husband Charged In Craigslist Murder For Hire Plot

ALLEN (CBS 11 NEWS) - An Allen husband and father has been charged with using Craigslist to hire a man to kill his wife.

Steve Gordon admits he posted an ad looking for someone to help him get his wife deported.

"I just simply asked on Craigslist 'How do you revoke a green card?' It was out of depression, and the next morning I deleted it," says Gordon.

The 49-year-old web engineer says he was in an unhappy marriage with his Malaysian wife.

Robert Bass replied to the post and the two men met at a Plano gas station where Bass says they discussed murdering Gordon's wife.

"He dropped three grand on my floorboard and said get it done," says Bass.

The murder was supposed to happen in the couple's Allen home a few days ago.

But police arrested both men and found text messages on their cell phones working out details of the murder plot.

But from the Collin County Jail, both men deny they were planning to kill anyone.

"I wouldn't hurt anybody," says Gordon.

Gordon says he handed over about $10,000 to Bass but claims it was extortion money because Bass threatened to kill him also.

But both now charged with conspiracy to commit Capital Murder.

Gordon's wife declined a request for comment.

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