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"How To Kill Someone" Internet Search Helps Police Arrest Texas Wife

MAYPEARL (CBSDFW.COM) - Police in one North Texas city say an internet search, basically looking for information on how to get away with murder, is what helped put one woman behind bars.

It was on January 2 when police received a call reporting a shooting at a house in Maypearl, about 40 miles southwest of Dallas.

When police arrived they found 42-year old Jon Garner had been shot dead. At the time his wife, Sandra Louise Garner, told officers that she had been awakened by the sound of gunshots and then had a masked man holding a gun and flashlight in front of her.

According to a statement from police, Sandra Garner claimed the man told her he had no issue with her and was at the home because he had a work-related "grudge against her husband."

The woman said she was forced to open a home safe, give the man about $18,000, and then go into a bathroom and count to 100. She said the intruder told her that if he heard police sirens "he would come back and kill her."

As Ellis County Sheriff's, Maypearl police and the Texas Rangers began their investigation they returned to search the home, in the 100 block of Creekview Circle, where they found a small caliber projectile in a pillowcase in the master bedroom. The pillowcase was near where Jon Garner's body was discovered.

Police seized electronic devices from the house and on one of them found "an internet link related to how to kill someone and not get caught."

After an autopsy was performed police learned Jon Garner had been shot with a .38 caliber weapon. A few days after the shooting police returned to the house to do a follow-up search. Inside a car parked investigators found a .38 caliber handgun inside two plastic bags and wrapped in a paper towel. Police believe the weapon had been placed in the car after they performed their first search on January 2.

The gun and the projectiles found in the pillowcase were sent for analysis and returned as being a match for the .38 found in Sandra Garner's car. Police arrested Garner and charged her with Murder. She is being held on a $2,000,000 bond.

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