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Driver Spotted On Texas Road Hauling Horse In Pick-Up

CORRIGAN (CBSDFW.COM) -- Seeing someone transporting a horse down a highway in Texas isn't unusual but not like this. Kerry Costello spotted a horse in the back of a pickup-- going 70 miles per hour last weekend near Corrigan, Texas – about 100 miles northeast of Houston.

"This is considered redneck country," Costello told "Even the simple horseman would have never done that. That's money. That's value to them." She said she had never seen anything like that before "not even in the deepest South I've ever been."

Costello shared the image of the horse riding in the back of the truck on Facebook last weekend.

Driver Spotted On Texas Road Hauling Horse In Pick-Up
Driver Spotted On Texas Road Hauling Horse In Pick-Up (Image Credit Kerry Costello).

Costello said the truck did not have its hazard lights on nor was the tail-gate of the pick-up truck in the up position.

"Anybody who knows anything about horses knows they have embedded in their mind a fight or flight response," Costello told the reporter. She said she was concerned something could happen if anything spooked the horse. "[It's] a danger to this horse, this driver, the other people on the road and me and my husband and our two 5-year-olds in our car. This could have been a very dangerous situation."

The driver was eventually pulled over - and police did talk to him - but didn't issue a ticket. According to a report by police, there's nothing illegal about how the horse was being transported.

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