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Even Holiday Cards May Be Tougher To Find This Year Due To Paper Supply Shortage

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - If you're one to send out holiday cards, you might want to get a jump start this year.

Companies that sell them are already seeing an influx of shoppers picking them up, and employees say it's for good reason.

They may be harder to find later.

Sending Christmas cards to her loved ones is something Melinda Marks looks forward to every year.

"I love writing them and putting little special messages inside," she said.

This year, she's shopping for them early while there's still a wide variety to choose from.

She's not alone.

"People are nervous about the paper supply and they have a legitimate concern," Paper Affair Dallas Manager Cindy Bernbaum said.

Bernbaum has worked at locally owned Paper Affair Dallas for 15 years and said this year is unlike any she's ever experienced.

On top of the paper supply shortage, printers and shipping are also taking a lot longer.

"When things used to take two weeks to get in, now they are taking a month," she said. "We are still waiting for a lot of our Christmas items to come in," she said.

Normally, when Christmas items sell out she has the ability to re-order.

This year, because of supply chain issues, that won't be happening.

"If you see a card that you like somewhere pick it up or if you need to place an order go ahead and do it early," Bernbaum said.

"I will be trying to get them in the mail very soon!" Marks said.

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