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Helpless Homeowner Watches Driver Destroy Front Porch And Take Off: 'It's Cowardly'

PLANO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Plano Police are searching for the driver responsible for an unusual hit-and-run Tuesday afternoon.

In this case, the victim is a house.

A video doorbell at a house in the 2600 block of Boedeker captured what happened.

Homeowner Peter Vu watched it live while at work.  His doorbell sent video of a car circling by his home on a cul-de-sac in East Plano.

He was expecting an important package delivery and thought it was arriving.

But the motion-activated camera captured that car driving into the front of his home and destroying the front porch.

The video camera recorded the driver getting out and looking at the damage caused before driving away.

Vu raced home and couldn't believe how it could happen.

He's expecting insurance to cover the repairs but disappointed the driver took off without taking responsibility.

porch damaged by car crash in Plano
porch damaged by car crash in Plano (CBS 11)

"It's cowardly," said Vu. "I wish they had at least left a note or something... I understand maybe they were scared or something but hopefully the cops find them and we get this all taken care of because I don't know how expensive this damage is going to be."

Fortunately a neighbor who called police was able to provide them with a license plate number on the Toyota sedan.

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