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Government Shutdown Digging Deep Financial Hole For Contractors: 'I Will Get No Back Pay'

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Thirty-four days and counting.

The longest government shutdown ever is for some workers not just a matter of waiting until the paychecks return.

"I'm a contractor. I will get no back pay. Contractors will get none."

The federal worker spoke to CBS 11 on the condition we not reveal her identity. She has a security clearance and fears her employer would not be pleased. Yet she says it is time that someone spoke for the estimated million-plus contract workers whose lost pay due the shutdown will not be replaced.

"I've used up all my vacation," she shared. "I finally filed for unemployment, but I won't see even one week until February."

She says she knows all of the furloughed workers have been put in a difficult position, but at least those who work directly for the government can believe that the crisis will eventually end.

"All of the government employees, and yes, they're borrowing, they're borrowing because they can pay it back. They've got loans or they've got friends they're borrowing from because they know they're going to get back pay. If I borrow, there's no guarantee that I'm going to be able to pay it back to somebody."

So for now, she won't borrow, but she's not spending either.

"I think there's going to be impact for months and months, if we ever recover."

So this worker's message to Washington is clear.

"Please, please just think about those of us that are out on the fringe--on the edges that are just hanging on. Just resolve this... Get us back to work and then work out your differences."

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