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Goodyear Reinventing The Wheel With Future Tire Design

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Goodyear has rolled out their latest design concepts that are sure to drastically change the way tires look and behave on the road.

Last week, the company unveiled their "Eagle-360" concept tires at the Geneva Auto show in Switzerland that is completely spherical, promising revolutionary leaps in safety and stopping potential.

The new design is being specifically made for "autonomous" vehicles -- meaning those that have automated driving capabilities like Google or Tesla are doing -- with a vision for the long-term future.

"The unique shape means ultimate maneuverability, safety and connectivity for autonomous vehicles," the company states on their YouTube page.

The Goodyear Eagle-360 concept tyre by Goodyear UK on YouTube

The 3-D printed tread was inspired by coral reefs with a sponge-like groove design that allows for better "aquaplaning" resistance and handling performance. Technology lets the tires rotate to manuever around obstacles and, in turn, extending the life of the tire. A "magnetic levitation system," "biomimicry," and parking technology are just some of the other mind-blowing features.

As it stands, the tires aren't road ready yet and are still in the conceptual phase. But buckle up, the future's racing to get here.

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