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Good Samaritans Help Rescue Driver Having Seizure On Dallas Highway

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - An incredible rescue was caught on cell phone video in Dallas last weekend.

Several good Samaritans stepped in to help a driver having a seizure on Highway 75 near the Fitzhugh exit.

Daniel Velasco said he was the first person to notice the driver was shaking. The truck he was driving was swaying back-and-forth.

Velasco said in that moment, the adrenaline kicked in. He parked his motorcycle on the side of the highway and ran to help.

"I was probably not thinking," he said. "It was a moment where I have to do something because someone was passing away."

In the video, Daniel Velasco is wearing the black outfit. He's seen running down Highway 75 trying to help a driver that was showing signs of a seizure.

Good Samaritans help driver having seizure in Dallas
Good Samaritans help driver having seizure in Dallas

"Another truck came over and he said I'm going to use my truck to stop him and I'm like okay, that's fine," he said. "He stopped the truck, another guy jumped in the back of the truck, break the window, back window and opened the door."

Daniel jumped inside to help the driver.

"I touched his chest, his beat was so slow," he said. "It was just boom.. and then it would slow down - boom - and it stopped."

Daniel said a nurse saw what was happening and stopped to administer aid. They waited for first responders, who took the driver to the hospital.

"I don't know the guy so I hope he is okay," Daniel said.

The driver's sister said her brother has no memory of what happened. Last thing he remembers is heading to the airport in his girlfriend's dad's truck.

She says he's now recovering and will be okay. They're thankful for all those who helped, calling them heroes.

"It doesn't make me feel like a hero," Daniel said. "I'm a normal person. To be in the right place in the right moment, it makes me feel good."

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