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Get Your Geek On At Dallas Comic Con

IRVING (CBSDFW.COM) - North Texans will have a chance to go into full geek mode this weekend, as the Dallas Comic Con comes to the Irving Convention Center on October 19, 20 and 21. "We started doing Dallas Comic Con events 10 years ago," said event manager Mark Walters, "and it's grown into something absolutely incredible."

The convention will feature comic book and pop culture collectible exhibitors from all across the nation, as well as a lineup of celebrity guests. "I can think of no better guest for the month of October than Robert Englund," explained Walters. Englund portrayed clawed villain Freddy Krueger in the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street" horror film series. "He's someone that a lot of people have requested for a lot of years."

Also scheduled to attend is Bruce Campbell from the "Evil Dead" film series. "Bruce Campbell, who has just an absolutely rabid fan following when it comes to the world of pop culture," said Walters. "We had Bruce once several years ago and it's great to finally get him back. Since we had him the first time, it seems like the fandom has just ballooned even bigger than you could have imagined before."

And one of the biggest names in comic books will also be on hand this weekend -- again! "This is actually our second time this year to have Stan Lee join us," Walters said. "He just has so much fun when he comes to Dallas that he actually wanted to come back twice this year."

Visit the Dallas Comic Con's official website for more details on the event, including the full guest lineup and ticket information.

Walters recalled when he was a kid, just learning about the pop culture franchises that have become the biggest entertainment moneymakers on the planet. "Back then, it was considered to be really taboo," he said. "But I think now, with the advent of things like comic book conventions becoming so popular, these things that we loved when we were kids -- it's okay to celebrate that now!

"With all the comic book movies coming out, everybody's just really excited about comic books in general, and so we're really kind of happy that it's become what it has," Walters added. "I think that people are really embracing the fact that they can show their nerd, if you want to put it that way."

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