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Get To Know Gilma Avalos, 5 Questions With CBS 11's Newest Anchor

CBS 11 Anchor Gilma Avalos and Meteorologist Lisa Villegas will wake you up every weekend (Saturdays 8-9 am and Sundays 7-8).  Learn a little more about the newest addition to the CBS 11 family.

1.  Where are you from?

I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador and grew up in Miami, Florida.  I moved to New York City for college, and would later land my first job as a reporter at News 12 The Bronx. After spending several years there as an anchor and reporter, my career brought me back home to South Florida. I was very fortunate to do the work I love so close to my family.

2.  You are new to Texas, but your dog is a native Texan.  How did that happen?

My miniature Dachshund Lola is from Spring, Texas!  I have family in the Houston area. Lola was rescued from a local shelter there and was given to me as a Christmas present. She's the best gift I've ever received.  I wish I could say she's as friendly as I've found Texans to be, but that little dog has a big attitude.

(credit: Gilma Avalos)


Lola watching TV.

3. How did you break into the television business at such a young age?

I broke into the biz as the host of a children's show for Discovery Kids Latin America.  On the show, I wore an over-sized khaki paleontologist uniform and taught kids about dinosaurs. My voice was a few octaves higher, and I had pretty bad '90's haircut. These pictures make for some embarrassing Throwback Thursday photos, but at the time, I thought I was the luckiest kid in the world.

Screen shot 2014-10-29 at 6.18.15 PM
Gilma, age 12, as a host of Discovery Channel's Paleokids (source: Discovery Kids)

4.  You have a unique name.  How did you get it?

I only know one other Gilma, and that is my aunt. She and my mother have a very close relationship. Both are breast cancer survivors and inspiring women. I'm proud to share my name with this other Gilma.

5.  What excites you most about being in Texas?

Where do I start?! I have found people to be so friendly and warm in the Lone Star State. On a weekend trip, before moving here, everyone from the waiter at a Downtown Fort Worth restaurant, to the group of girlfriends seated at a table next to me-- went out of their way to make me feel welcome. They were strangers and yet they were so willing to help me feel comfortable, offering recommendations and tips to make my move easier.

And then there's the food! From hole in the wall to high end, there are so many great restaurant options to choose from in North Texas. It is a foodie's paradise and I cannot wait to start exploring! If you want to share your favorites, feel free to tweet me @GilmaAvalos!

While I've lived in many cities--all with unique personalities--my duty as a journalist is always the same; I'm here to serve our viewers and bring them the most up to date information on the stories they care about.  It is my pleasure to call North Texas home!

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