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Gardening 101: Seed Bombs

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - One of the iconic Texas landscapes is a field of flowers along the roadside. An open pasture of wildflowers in full Spring color is a great reason to drive down a state highway here in the Lone Star state. Thanks in large part to Lady Bird Johnson, for decades flowering meadows have continually increased their presence in the Texas countryside and roadways.

I sat down with the Texas Plant Guy, Daniel Cunningham on how you can spread the joy of wildflowers across your part of Texas. They are called "Seed Bombs." Basically, mix in a large bowl four parts powered clay (from a Pottery supply place), five parts bagged compost and one part wildflower seed. You buy your seed in quantity by the pound, there is wide variety of mixes to choose from. Just make sure you are buying what is native or adapted to north Texas. Add just enough water (a little at a time has you hand mix) to make it the consistency of thick cookie dough. Then roll nickel-size balls and let them dry out.

The best part about seed bombs is that is a great activity to do with the kids. Who wouldn't want to get their hands covered in a thick mash of clay, dirt and seed? Kids will love it.

Find the open area you want to spread your seed bombs out. If the grass is thick you might have to clear a small patch to find solid dirt to place your seed bomb on. The next heavy rain starts the process. Until then the clay keeps the insects, rain or wind from carrying away your seeds. A heavy rain dissolves the clay away enough to get the seed to germinate and take root in the soil below, feeding meanwhile on the compost that is part of the mixture.

Fun AND effective. I great way to spread the great visual joy of a field of flowers. Lovely.

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