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Fugitive Removed Handcuffs Before His Escape

‪GRAPEVINE (CBS 11 NEWS) - The manhunt for convicted sex offender, Alberto Morales, continued Thursday with gun-toting law enforcement agents knocking on doors and checking empty trailers at a trailer park near the Wal-Mart where Morales escaped officers.

Agents from Grapevine and Miami-Dade Police, U.S. Marshalls and the FBI helped with the search.

Al least 2 dozen officers combed through the trailer, reminding residents to remain vigilant.

"Everybody is pretty much on edge right now because they know he's out in this area," said Tim Guint, who lives in the mobile home park. "They're on edge."

Police also utilized bloodhounds, hoping the dog could trace the suspects scent, but they had no luck.

Alberto Morales

Morales is considered very dangerous. He stabbed a Miami-Dade police officer in the neck before he escaped custody. Officers were transporting Morales back to Nevada after he had gone through trial in Florida.

Miami-Dade police revealed today an assessment was done to determine whether Morales was safe to travel with. The department determined it was safe but as a precaution added a third officer to help with the vehicle transport.

Morales escaped as they waited for the third officer to show up.

Investigators also said Morales had a belt and was shackled and handcuffed, but they determined Morales somehow removed his handcuffs, though they don't know how.

Investigators also released a photo of a tattoo Morales has on his left arm, hoping it may lead to more clues.

‪"It's a pretty distinct tattoo and we want the public to be aware of that," said Sgt. Robert Eberling, with the Grapevine Police Department. "If somebody sees something like that they need to certainly call us."

morales tattoo
(courtesy: Grapevine Police Department)

‪Miami-Dade police revealed the injured officer's health is improving and he will be removed from the ICU tonight.

If you have information about the suspect, call Grapevine Crimestoppers.

‪"Not only is it a concern for us and for the officer and for his well being, but now we have a huge concern for the public as well," said Juan Perez, Deputy Director of Miami-Dade Police. "This man has demonstrated violence, not only today but in the past so we need to catch him."

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