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Frisco Residents Receive Direct Mailer Against Exide Plant

FRISCO (CBSDFW) - A new study suggested lead contamination from a battery recycling plant in Frisco could be much more widespread than previously thought.

It claims that a large portion of the city could have lead in the soil from the Exide plant which has been in operation for more than 40 years.

The study was commissioned by a homeowner group called Frisco Unleaded which has been trying to get the plant closed.

"We asked for the first historical beginning to end inventory of lead to come out of that facility as long as its been in Frisco," says Jim Schermbeck, Director of Downwinders at Risk which oversaw the study.

Emission reports and meteorological data were studied over a 48 years. Researchers found that about 300,000 pounds of lead emissions have been deposited over an area around the plant as far away as 5 miles.

The EPA has determined that contamination has been confined to an area of 1.3 miles around the plant.   Residents like Meghan Green hope this study will convince city officials to take action.

The findings have been mailed to 33,000 Frisco residents like Meghan Green.   "Its more than concerning that's why I joined Frisco Unleaded I need to figure out a way for my childrens health and my family's well being to get them out," says Green.

Exide officials dispute the report that they say used inaccurate data.   "We have yet to see the study. We challenge some of the statements based on the facts. EPA soil sampling that was done did not elevated levels of lead soil," says Susan Jaramillo, Exide spokesperson.

Frisco city officials issued a statement informing residents that the city was not involved in the homeowner funded study.

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