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Friends & Family Gather At North Texas Church To See Wally Funk Launch Into Space

SOUTHLAKE (CBSDFW.COM) - Hundreds of Wally Funk's closest friends and new found fans cheered her on at White's Chapel United Methodist Church as she launched into space. Emotions were high as everyone watched in awe as Wally's dreams came true.

"She's getting to do what she wanted to do her whole life," Pamela Stroud said.

It is a dream that at one time seemed impossible. She started this journey over 60 years ago as part of the Mercury 13 Women's in space program but never got her chance to fly. Now, at 82-years-old, Funk is the oldest to go to space.

Funk's hard work and determination has made her a trailblazer in her own right. She went on to become the Federal Aviation Administration's first-ever female inspector and has taught over 3,000 pilots to fly. Her friends say it's her faith and determination that's kept her going

"God blessed her with this opportunity to go fulfill this," Steve Lallier said.

Funk proved that no matter what happens always you should reach for the stars.

"God's got a plan for us and sometime the time is not what we want, it's at its own time and its come for her," Lallier said.

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