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Free State Fair Ticket If You "Cease The Grease"

Recycling Cooking Oil
(credit: Pornchai Kittiwongsakul/AFP/Getty Images)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The City of Dallas is offering residents a free ticket to the State Fair of Texas… that is if you don't mind a little grease.

Dallas Water Utilities "Cease the Grease" program is again offering residents a chance to receive a ticket to the upcoming State Fair in exchange for used grease.

"We're having several events where people can bring a liter or more of used cooking oil, in a sealed plastic container, to us and we will trade you a State Fair ticket for that used cooking oil," explained program coordinator Helen Dulac.

The Cease the grease campaign is a city education and awareness program meant to encourage residents and businesses to properly dispose of fats, oils and grease.

Hoping the one State Fair of Texas ticket per family will further encourage residents to stop pouring grease down the kitchen sink, Cease the Grease has another way for residents to go to the fair for free.

"You can go to one of our 20 Cease the Grease recycling stations, take a photo of yourself recycling the oil at that station, post that photo to the Cease the Grease Facebook page, and we'll contact you through Facebook and mail you a ticket," Dulac said.

The damage from improperly disposed grease is not only environmental but can cause blockages in homeowner pipes and city sewer lines.

"That's really expensive to fix those pipes when instead people an recycle their cooking oil. When they recycle their cooking oil it's turned into fuel for Dallas County school buses."

Click here for a list of Cease the Grease recycling locations.

The offer is good while ticket supplies last. In all, some 200 State Fair of Texas tickets will be given away.

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