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Fort Worth Spending Millions To Turn Around Stop Six Neighborhood

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - The Stop Six neighborhood has been known more for boarded up and abandoned homes.

But you can hear hammers now during the day, and around every corner, find a new house.

Turns out the people willing to pay to call this home, are the same ones who have always called this area home.

Lester Jones showed us the new three-bed, two-bath house his family company is about to put on the market in Stop Six.

"All the bedrooms have high ceilings, and walk in closets… just trying to make it nice," says Jones.

His family has built in the old Fort Worth neighborhood for years.

But now he's finding, he's not alone.

Down the road, Carlos Harris just put these two homes on the market today, the same design that sells for more than 350-thousand in the suburbs.

Around the corner, the Clinton family is finishing up their retirement home.

And builders are finding it's not new people moving in, its people who have wanted to be here all along.

"People are coming back to the neighborhood, and these are professional people who went out and made their living, grew up in stop six and decide, I'm coming back," explains Jones.

Fort Worth dedicated 2.5 million dollars this year for neighborhood improvements on streets, sidewalks, debris removal and police cameras.

They also removed the "historic" designation from some sections of the area.

Fort Worth City Council woman Gina Bivens says, "We have a lot of people who have properties owned by their grandparents, by their parents. They can come home now."

Once the money is spent this year, Bivens believes Stop Six has the jump start needed to keep the improvement going.

People like Jones, who calls this, his Lazarus project. "Be one of the people who's contributing to bringing the neighborhood back."

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