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Fort Worth Accelerant Detection Dog 'Buzzy' Makes A Difference On Day 1

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - On his first day on the job, the Fort Worth Fire Department's newest accelerants detection dog, Buzzy, sniffed out leads for investigators.

Buzzy, a yellow Labrador Retriever, is one of only a few dozen dogs in the country trained by the ATF to sniff out accelerants at fire scenes.

Buzzy - accelerant detection dog for Fort Worth Fire Dept. (Jason Allen - CBS 11)

His job is different than the department's dogs trained to search for explosives.

Investigators put him to work right away after a Monday morning house fire on the city's southeast side.

The fire department has electronic meters to search for accelerants used to start fires, but Buzzy is expected to be far more accurate.

"Meters are a great tool, but sometimes they don't give us the accuracy like Buzzy can give us," said Scott Allen of the Fort Worth Fire Department. "Buzzy will get us to that location where we want to find that liquid so we can take the best sample to see what started that fire."

The fire department said it was a successful first day, with Buzzy indicating to handlers he smelled accelerants at more than one spot in the house.


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