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The Foote Files: Smith

(CBS 11) - Yesterday, we featured the song "Baby It's You" by the girl-group The Shirelles.

Nearly seven years after they released that song, a pop-rock group from Los Angeles recorded and released it as well, with excellent results!

Smith (that's the full name) consisted of Gayle McCormick (vocals), Rick Cliburn and Alan Parker (guitars), Larry Moss (keyboards), Jerry Carter (bass), and Robert Evans (drums).

They were discovered by pop musician Del Shannon in a nightclub in Los Angeles, and he arranged "Baby It's You" for the group and assisted in getting them a record label deal: ABC/Dunhill, which was owned by ABC, Inc., owners of the ABC Television Network and ABC Radio. The group sold over one million copies and charted better than versions by The Beatles or The Shirelles.

They also received a gold record award from the R.I.A.A. (Recording Industry Association Of America).

They disbanded in 1971 but McCormick pursued a solo career and later released three albums during that time. She passed away on March 1, 2016.

The song runs 3:27 on the Dunhill/ABC record label. Here it is….from October 1969, reaching #5 on Billboard…..Smith with "Baby It's You".

Baby It's You by Les Smith - Topic on YouTube


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