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The Foote Files: Gene Autry & Frosty The Snowman

(CBS 11) - Gene Autry (1907-1998) was one of those rare individuals who was born with exceptional creative talent along with a strong business acumen as well.

He was a star in motion pictures, radio, TV, and rodeos but also owned radio/TV stations and the MLB Anaheim Angels team.

Jim Abbot and Gene Autry stand in the dugout
Pitcher Jim Abbot #25 with Gene Autry owner of the California Angels stand in the dugout as they pose for a photograph prior to a game at Anaheim Stadium during the 1990 season at Anaheim, California. (Photo by Ken Levine/Getty Images)

He had a long association with CBS, going back to network radio and TV, music, owner of two CBS network affiliates in Arizona and independent station KTLA-TV/Los Angeles.

He sold the Phoenix station, KOOL-TV, in 1982 to a company I worked for out of Dallas, Gulf United Corporation.

He also had an FM radio station and an Arabian Horse business in Phoenix (the latter two of which didn't go with the sale of the TV station). His Tucson station was KOLD-TV, so for years it was "KOOL in Phoenix" and "KOLD in Tucson."

Anyway, today's song is performed by Mr. Autry: "Frosty The Snowman."

It was written in 1950 by Walter Rollins and Steve Nelson, and first recorded by Autry and the Cass County Boys that same year. The song hit #7 on the U.S. Pop Singles and #4 on the U.S. Country Singles charts. Given his strong relationship with CBS, this song was released on the Columbia Records label.

With the cold weather we have today, this is a good song to feature!

Frosty The Snowman - Gene Autry by HeroesLegendsIcons on YouTube
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