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The Foote Files: Dance With The Dartells

(CBS 11) - The Dartells were a rock band from Oxnard, California.

Members included Doug Phillips (vocals, bass), Dick Burns (guitar), Corky Wilke and Rich Peil (sax), Randy Ray (organ) and Gary Peeler (drums).

They got together in 1962 (all of them teenagers) and caught the attention of record producer Tom Ayers.

This took place during the time that local rock and roll dance shows were popping up on local TV all over the country (like "Sump N' Else" in Dallas on WFAA-TV in Dallas with Ron Chapman). In 1963 they recorded and released "Hot Pastrami."

Written by Dessie Rozier and adopted from the song "(Do The) Mashed Potato," it finished at #11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The group released a couple of other songs afterwards but were not successful with them and later they disbanded, but "Hot Pastrami" got the kids dancing and put The Dartells on pop music charts!

The song runs around 1:55 on the Dot Record label.

THE DARTELLS "hot pastrami" Stomping MOD 1963 7" gem by psychotron9 on YouTube
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